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Since our founding in 1999, we have felt deep respect and great value for the important pen case that wraps the pen.
This time, we use the fabric, made by Atelier Shimura which inherited the technique of Ms. Fukumi Shimura, Japanese dyeing and weaving artist.
She is a holder of Important intangible cultural heritage (Living national Treasure), Cultural contributor.
Textiles, which are passionate about weaving colors by interacting with nature, have the energy to purify the human heart.
The silk thread is dyed, wound, and weaved to make a woven fabric. The fabric we requested this time was woven by dyeing the dark gray of the warp with oak and the light gray of the weft with chestnut.
It is a traditional Gin-nezu gray color.

About Ms. Fukumi Shimura is HERE:

About Atelier Shimura is HERE:

Pen case for 3 pens “Collaboration with Atelier Shimura”


Since the planning of this product started in July 2020, we asked Atelier Shimura to select materials that take into consideration the midsummer season.

Oak leaves
Chestnut leaves
Dried with oak leaves after dyeing

2.Winding and weaving

It was carefully woven by a skilled craftsman at Atelier Shimura. It takes about 3 months from collecting the plant to completing the cloth.

Manual weaving machine (1)
Manual weaving
machine (1)
Manual weaving machine (2)
Manual weaving
machine (2)
Finished cloth
Finished cloth


Completed by sewing at Nakaya

Nakaya staff visited Atelier Shimura
Tokyo for dyeing experience.

Cherry branches

Cherry branches

The color of the cherry blossoms is also alive in the branches.


◆ Put the branches in water and simmer to extract the color.

Strain the dye liquid
Strain the dye liquid
This is the color we got from
the cherry blossom
branches in early spring.

◆ Dyeing

Swim the silk many times in the warm dye and dye it carefully.

Threads with different mordanting.
The top is iron mordanting and the bottom is lye mordanting.
* Mordanting (color is fixed by passing it through water in which minerals
are dissolved)


Pincushion process
Pincushion process
Threads of various colors
Threads of various colors
Weaving machine
Weaving machine

It is a cloth woven in the training.

We couldn’t afford to think about the feelings of Fukumi Shimura, who said that warp
threads are fate and weft threads are a way of life.

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