Makie ・ A good fortune Lobster [no.11033]

Product name: A good fortune Lobster [no.11033]
Price: US$5,833
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: A lobster is one of famous 'good fortune' motives in Japan because of it's long life until the waist bends. A white urushi was rubbed into silver base for the background. A lobster was raised by 'Sumiko'(charcoal) heaping up techniques for so many times and rubbed "Shu" (red) urushi into the raised body and sprinkled gold powders and rubbed "Shu" urushi powders again. A craftsman does this process for several times to make reality and polished as final process. We express a body of the lobster realistic by this process and whole body is boldly arranged on a small pen body.
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