Makie ・ A memory of "Un" Statue [no.11046]

Product name: A memory of "Un" Statue [no.11046]
Price: US$2,583
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: There are 2 statues (the "A" statue and the "Un" statue) at the Nandai-mon (South gate) of Horyuji temple.This artwork is one of these 2 statues, the "Un" statue. The background is black Urushi, the Un statue is described in gold and highlighted by Gin(silver) bokashi (gradation). A-Un (阿吽) is a transliteration of Snskrit "A-hu", "A" is the first sound (open-mouth sound) and "Hu" is the last sound (close-mouth sound). About two statues like "A-Un"or two dogs at temple, one opens it's mouth, the other one closes it's mouth. This means hitting it off together.
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