Makie ・ A Tiger and bamboo 1 [no.11063]

Product name: A Tiger and bamboo 1 [no.11063]
Price: US$8,333
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Background of "A Tiger and bamboo"From the ancient period, "White tiger" has been treated as one of the four gods and defending the west.It is also used as for extracting out "Five poisons" making pressure to dishonest.Tiger fighting against dragon has the meaning that power is not easy to decide on victory or defeat. Technique First of all, the base is polished with the lacquering followed by sharpening of bamboo wood and further polishing it with the lacquering . Over the polished lacquer, the main subject TIGER is drawn with the high gilted lacquer. The parts of tiger's eyes are expressed finely with the flat lacquering. The body portion is artistically painted to bring the similar golden color shade as of real tiger expressing the sense of strongness.
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