Makie ・ "Botan" (Peony flowers) [no.11066]

Product name: "Botan" (Peony flowers) [no.11066]
Price: US$5,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: About "Botan" (Peony flowers) are described in "Sumiko"-heaping up method on the Gold Maki-e surface. N'Botan' are heaped up by "Sumiko" (charcoal powders) 5 or 6 times so that the flowers has finished three-dimensionally.TechniquesAfter lacquering urushi, the craftsman sprinkles gold powers on it (this is the process of "Maki-e" ). After firmly fixed, he lacquers urushi again and polishes it up. The craftsman describes flowers by urushi and sprinkles charcoal again and again. Finally, he lacquers it in black and rubs Ki-urushi (transparent urushi) and polishes it up.
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