Makie ・ E-Kin・Rouben sugi-no-yurai [no.11093]

Product name: E-Kin・Rouben sugi-no-yurai [no.11093]
Price: US$7,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: The motif of this pen comes from a theatrical picture drawn on a folding screen by Kinzo (Kinzo Hirose ・ E-Kin), a famous painter in Kochi.The legend is of Roben, a high priest at Todaiji temple who was taken by an eagle at age two and placed under a cedar tree in front of Kasuga shrine where he was rescued. The scene has been reproduced in Kabuki plays and so forth.This pen reproduces the eagle, Roben and the mother, who goes into a panic when she realizes her boy is missing, the central characters in the scene taken from the folded screen.[Comment on technique]For the eagle, the entire area is drawn in silver and layers of black and dark blue are added before grinding back relevant parts in a technique known as Togidashi.The wings are expressed using the Kakiwari, where the design is left in reverse in order to reveal the underlying layer of Urushi.For the feathers on the head, the red is ground back to the silver background (Iro-togidashi).For the mother’s kimono, the colors (red, blue, green) are ground back to the gold background (Iro-togidashi).The hair is drawn in black with further details added. It is shown in a dishevelled state.The Tosa Akaoka Ekin Matsuri (festival) is held in July every year in the local area of Kochi when it is possible to view the folding screen with the aforementioned picture.*Akaoka Town, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture
A base model : Cigar model / long size. (thick body)
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