Sumiko ・ A spear [no.13011]

Product name: A spear [no.13011]
Price: US$7,917
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This "Yari (a spear)"model was made by the requirement from one of the Nakaya clients. Base model is Nakaya "Gengei-hochu" like this, We Nakaya admire many foreign customers love Sumiko technique and choose this motif. At both side of this pen has trims by "Sumi-ko", a blade is by silver and some part of blade have rust. A handle is mainly used N'Shu' (red) urushi lacquer ware and trims are gold. Since a spear is thin , so it was difficult to heap up by Maki-e technique.An initial of this customer is described by the Brahman character on the grip also by N'Sumiko technique.'
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