Sumiko ・ Gengei Hochu [no.13015]

Product name: Gengei Hochu [no.13015]
Price: US$4,167
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Background of " Gengei houchu "A sumi artist of the Ming Dynasty in China named Teikunbo was famous for his style of sumi art called Teishibokuen. Recently Nakaya has teamed up with a skilled artist from Wajima to once again create this "koboku" or ancient sumi atmosphere on a fountain pen. The artist paints several layers of sumi (Chinese black carbon ink) in order to create a raised image on the surface of the pen. Once upon a time, a villager in ancient China beheld a huge whale swimming near the coast, and was inspired to create an image of a deity - a creature with the head of a dragon and the body of a whale. The Wajima artist has recreated this ancient deity, in vibrant forms, which almost seem to swim before your eyes. There is a well-known "Natsume" (powdered tea container for Japanese tea ceremonies), which has been decorated with the same method used to produce this pen. N
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