Sumiko ・ Rashomon [no.13018]

Product name: Rashomon [no.13018]
Price: US$5,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Background of "Rashomon" In Japanese, "Mon" means gate, so "Rasho-mon" means "gate Rasho(mon)" .During the Heian era (794-1191) in Kyoto, a demon kidnapped the daughters of aristcrats very often. Underthe instruction from the emperor, Yorimitsu Minamoto accompanied with four strongest soldiers called "Shi-tennoh" and root out the demon near by Rashomon. During the fight with the demon, Tsuna Watanabe (953-1025), one of the "Shi-tennoh" solidiers chopped off the demon's right hand and kept it at his kura(warehouse). Later, the demon disguising as Tsuna Watanabe's mother, took the arm back from the warehouse. Consequently a fierce battle between Tsuna Watanabe and the demon again took place at Mount Oi. We NAKAYA tried to express this legend in the fountain pen through the "Sumiko-age" method (heaping up by charcoal powered finish) which is succeeded from only one craftsman, generation to generation. The facial expressions of arm chopping at Rashomon, some detail parts of Thina's armor, all have been expressed very artistically through the non-lustrous black charcoal in convex and concave base, taking time of more than half of a year.
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