Makie ・ Kaguya-hime [no.11108]

Product name: Kaguya-hime [no.11108]
Price: US$4,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: The main character of one of the oldest Japanese monogatari (fictional prose) “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”, a young girl named “Kaguya-hime“, has become a motif for this pen depicted in different Maki-e techniques.
In order to express the beauty of Kaguya-hime we have painted her robes in Shu, Blue and Purple Colors, and gave her hair a slight feeling of volume by heaping the lacquer up a bit.
Next, we spread gold on the background, depicted silver moon and golden bamboo forest and using a coarser golden powder we created a feeling of distance around Kaguya-hime.

Base model: Cigar, Piccolo Size
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