Pen case ・ Japanese pen case - "Yatate"

Product name: Japanese pen case - "Yatate"
Price: US$700
Description: "Yatate" (pronounced Yah-tah-teh) means a "portable writing set" which contains a bamboo brush and ink (sumi) filled with some cotton. Nakaya has finally imitated this shape and made a Yatate especially for the fountain pen. The inside of this pen case is covered with soft cloth to prevent damage. A Netsuke is available as pen pillow. (Material is 'Magnolia obovata'). You can put your name on this case by Maki-e and it will be yourperfect 'pen-Yatate'. Materials: Pen case: wood -Zelkova- ( Wajima Kijiro ro-iro finish) Ball: crystal Stop implement: black persimmon wood Netsuke (a butterfly shape attachment) : pen pillow Strap: silk ; stringed by Wajima Yatate is made to fit all of our Nakaya pens. length; 188mm diameter: 29mm weight; around 65grams (Sincethis is made from natural material, the weight might slightly change. The weight includes 'Natsuke', 'himo'(strap), and gem)
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