Pen case ・ Japanese pen case -“Yatate(Akitsu-shima version)”-

Product name: Japanese pen case -“Yatate(Akitsu-shima version)”-
Price: US$1,000
Description: The Yatate pen case, with a design of a dragonfly illustrated using black urushi, was created at a customer’s request. The base is coated differently from the Akitsu-shima fountain pen. This model is based on Yako maki-e with kijiro coating (the coating has a similar glittering texture as those of the Briar).
Akitsu-shima (Akitsu Island) is also known as Yamato-no-kuni, and “Island of the dragonfly,” as the word “Akitsu” is the old name for dragonfly.
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