Makie ・ "Ku-roku"(Nine deers) [no.11059]

Product name: "Ku-roku"(Nine deers) [no.11059]
Price: US$9,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Background of "Ku-roku"(Nine deers) A deer is translated "Shika" or "Roku" in Japanese. "Ku"or "Kyu" is meaning of "nine" also in Japanese.So this title "Ku-roku" means "nine-deers." The sound "Roku" (the second sound of deer in Japanese) has other meaning such as "remuneration", "salary" and so on. So deer ("roku") used to be a good animal to increase remuneration. On this pen , you can count six deers and two set of angles, and one more deer is "roku-roku (six-deers) ", altogether "nine-deers(ku-roku)".
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