Tsumugi Pen launches from today.

We'd like to introduce the brand new model [Tsumugi] series.

This [Tsumugi] series is inspired by the experience in weaving at Atelier Shimura.
Our collaboration pen case.
Details about the experience at Atelier Shimura and etc..

[Tsumugi] series is named with different way of other Nakaya pen. The 4 tamenuri colors represented Nakaya. named by colors The 4 tamenuri colors represented Nakaya are called by the special names in [Tsumugi] series.
They are named in honor of traditional Japanese patterns and weaving techniques.
Kuro-tamenuri version is called as "絣(Kasuri)"
Aka-tamenuri version is called as "花菱(Hanabishi)"
Heki-tamenuri version is called as "網目(Amime)"
Toki-tamenuri version is called as "麻の葉(Asanoha)"

Cigar model(*without clip/rolling stopper) and "Portable"/"Piccolo" size is available for [Tsumugi] series.
You can find the list here.



Tsumugi is a kind of fabric that tsumugi yarn , spun from floss silk , is used as either warp thread or weft thread , or both of them on weaving .
Tsumugi yarn , supposedly inferior to the silk yarn from hon mayu , also referred to as tama yarn (spun from tama mayu , which means round cocoons ) or irregular-shaped kuzu mayu (rubbish cocoons ) is thicker and uneven.
Compared to the fabric using silk yarn from hon mayu , which has the luster of its own , tsumugi has the dimmer luster and small bumps on the surface , which makes it have the unique feel.
-Tsumugi in Wikipedia.

One of the most famous Japanese Tsumugi, 大島紬 "Oshima Tsumugi", is said to be one of the three major textiles in the world along with Iranian Persian carpet and French gobelin weaving.
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