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**We introduce our new 4 items.**  16/03/04
We update four fountain pens. Please check it from following links.

    ・Art model   Himawari(Sunflowers)
    ・Art model   Ichigo to Cho(Strawberry & Butterfly)
    ・Art model   Casablanca
    ・Art model   Kingyo(Goldfish)

**Will guide the event. (April, May)**  16/04/07
●April    15th to 17th.(11a.m. to 19p.m.)
Tokyo Ito-ya  Shibuya Tokyu Dept.(3rd floor)

●May    6th to 8th.(11a.m. to 19p.m.)
Tokyo Ito-ya Ikebukuro Tobu Dept. (7th floor)

●May    20th to 22th.(11a.m. to 19p.m.)
Tokyo Maruzen Oazo

  We look forward to seeing you then.
  Please check the schedule. (Nakaya Events)

**Notice of "Dorsal Fin model" Orders Resume**  16/05/23
We are sorry to have kept you waiting.
we resumed orders for Dorsal Fin model (ver.1, ver.2).
Please contact us for the delivery time and price.

**Will guide the event.**  16/06/01
●June 02nd to 30th.
Tokyo Ginza K.ITOYA 2F

There is the largest assortment of Nakaya Fountain pens for event.
Please have a look!! We hope you will enjoy and find your preference pen!

Our staff will visit from June 24th to 26th.(11:00 to 19:00)

●July and August are nothing.

●in the late of September
Kobe Nagasawa bungu Center

●in the middle of October
Tokyo Ito-ya Shinjuku(Odakyu Dept.)

●in the middle of November
Tokyo Ginza K.ITOYA 2F

●in the last of November
Osaka Nagasawa Bungu Center Umeda Chayamachi

●in the middle of December
Tokyo Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Headquarter 5th floor.

**Notice of updated Shipping Fee**  16/06/13
We are very sorry to tell you this, but we have to raise the prices of EMS shipping fee from the 1st of July 2016.
We would like to let you know that japan Post Office announced the price update (price increase) of Express Mail Service, EMS as follow.

・Asia (Guam, Saipan)
11.00US$ → 14.00US$

・Oceania, the Middle and Near East, North America, Central America
15.00US$ → 20.00US$

18.00US$ → 22.00US$

・South America, Africa
21.00US$ → 24.00US$

Regarding the order which is placed no later than the 30th of Jun, we will apply old shipping fee and make shipment.
We appreciate your understanding in this issue.

**We introduce our new 4 items.**  16/08/24
We update four stoppers. Please check it from following links.

    ・Dragon II Zirconia
    ・Koi(Carps) Bicolor

**Will guide the event.**  16/09/29
●October    21st to 23rd.(11a.m. to 19p.m.)
Tokyo Ito-ya  Shinjuku Odakyu Dept.(10th floor)

●December    2nd to 4th.(11a.m. to 19p.m.)
Osaka  Nagasawa Bungu Center Umeda Chayamachi

  We look forward to seeing you then.
  Please check the schedule. (Nakaya Events)

**We introduce our new 5 items.**  16/10/07
We update five fountain pens. Please check it from following links.

    ・Nishijin Carbon・Sugiaya(Herringbone)
    ・Nishijin Carbon・Saya
    ・Ayakashi Ⅲ
    ・Momiji ni Ao no Tori (Blue Bird Among the Autumn Leaves)


**Important Notice**  15/02/18
Some information may be shown incorrectly on our web site as our server has a trouble since 24th of January 2015, We are able to receive your order.
We will send you a confirmation letter when we received it.

We are working to solve this issue.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


**Notice of "Dorsal Fin model" manufacturing pause**  15/03/20
For the meantime we can not accept the orders for Dorsal Fin ver.1 and Dorsal Fin ver.2 model.
We will inform when we will resume accepting orders again on this page.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

**Will guide the event. (April, May)**  15/04/06
●April    17th to 19th.(11a.m. to 19p.m.)
Tokyo Ito-ya  Shibuya Tokyu Dept.(3rd floor)
  It will be the first held in Ito-ya Shibuya.

●May    8th to 10th.(11a.m. to 19p.m.)
Tokyo Ito-ya Ikebukuro Tobu Dept. (7th floor)

**Will guide the event. (July)**  15/06/22
●July    3(Fri)-July 5(Sun)  11a.m. to 19p.m.
Tokyo Ito-ya Tamagawa(Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C.4F)

●July    31(Fri)-August 2(Sun)  11a.m. to 19p.m.
Ito-ya Yokohama (Yokohama Takashimaya Dept. 6F)

  We look forward to seeing you then.

**We introduce our new 3 items. **  15/07/02
We have made the Art model for a change so far.
Please visit the Art model corner.

    ・The Fujin and the Raijin (The Wind god and the Thunder god)
    ・Houo (Poenix)

**Will guide the event. **  15/07/17
●August    25 (Tue) - 27 (Thu)
  Singapore    Aesthetic Bay

●September    25(Fri) - 27(Sun)
  Kobe    Nagasawa bungu Center(Pen Style Den)

●October    16(Fri) - 18(Sun)
  Tokyo Ginza    K.Itoya

●November    11(Fri) - 15(Sun)
  Tokyo     Ito-ya Shinjuku(Odakyu Dept.)

●December    4(Fri) - 6(Sun)
  Osaka    Nagasawa Bungu Center(Umeda Chayamachi)

  We look forward to seeing you then.
  Please check the schedule. (Nakaya Events)

**We won't be accepting any more orders for some items at the end of this year. Please click here more details.**  15/12/04
  We won't be accepting any more orders for following items at the end ofthis year.

  ★SEA SHELL ZOGAN would be sold only under the condition that it's the  RADEN model.
  Other models for shell zogan won't be catered.

  2.Engrave naming by machine
  ★We would still accept Makie-naming by hand

  3.We will discontinue the production of following these pens.
  ★But we will continue to sell them until supplies last.
  *Piccolo size of Decapod model (Both writer and cigar model)
  *Acrylic-resin of Equilibrium(Long and Portable size)

  December 4,2015
  Nakaya Fountain Pen Co.,Ltd.

**We introduce our new 5 items. **  15/12/31
We update five fountain pens. Please check it from following links.

    ・Makie  Daimyo Procession
    ・Makie  Soga Shouhaku/Unryu-zu
    ・Makie  Sakura Sakura
    ・Tame-sukashi (Two layers)   Autumn Leaves
    ・Other Products  Chain Mail Ⅳ ・Twist


**We introduce our new items.**  14/03/01
[Cherry blossoms by silver powder]
  We have brought cherry blossoms to life with silver powder.
  Previously we had released the same styled but with a bamboo image (“A bamboo by silver powder”).  Upon customer’s request we replaced this image with that of the well loved cherry blossom. Much like the bamboo, cherry blossoms are a traditional and commonly used motif for Japanese people.  Once again we have succeeded in making a modern looking design while embracing tradition.

[A folding screen of flowers II]
  In order to meet demands, we have designed a folding screen of flowers with a different and equally impressive background color.  We laid a white urushi on the gold background allowing to utilize a softer image thus enhancing the floral arrangement aiding it to stand out even more.

[The Fujin and the Raijin III]
  The Fujin and the Raijin have been made a stunning reality by using “Tame-sukashi” techniques.  We achieved brilliant enhancement with “Tame-sukashi” effects, added a sprinkling of gold powder on the surface of “Shuai-urushi”, and coated with ”Tame-sukashi” again using “Shuai-urushi”.

**We introduce our new 6 items. We hope you'll enjoy new "UNIQUE" pens!! Do you like it??**  14/03/29
[Kago-amime(Basket mesh)]
There is an old fountain pen called “Tou-amime” with rattan mesh. It was produced around 1924 by Nakaya’s parent company Platinum Pen Co.Ltd.
It is designed by weaving the rattan tubes in a basket pattern and laid it over the cap and body. We have always hoped to reproduce such an intricate piece of work.
We have built a specific theme and made numbers of test production to make the pattern in triaxial weaving using shaved bamboo instead of rattan.
As a result, we could make a fountain pen with a similar image to the original one.

・Kago-amime(Basket mesh)・Arai-shu
・Kago-amime(Basket mesh)・Bright green
・Kago-amime(Basket mesh)・Indigo Blue

[Forest of Owl]
This is the third model of Byakudan-Nuri with Yako-makie followed by “Akitsu-shima” and “Cat Paradise”.
An Owl, the wisest of the forest creators, is strewn along the body of the pen.

・Forest of Owl・Shu-ai
・Forest of Owl・Midori

[Ryukyu Tsuikin A Flying Dragon 2(red color base)]
It is a popular three-dimensional design of a dragon using Ryukyu Tsuikin.
By changing the base color from black to red, it brings to life the impressions and grand images of Ryuku.

**Nakaya and Platinum Co, go to Paris!**  14/04/07

Nakaya and Platinum PenEvent will be held at Mora stylos in Paris.

  Date:4/22 (Tue) ~5/17 (Sat)

  Place:at Mora Stylos   Paris in France(6^th arrondissement)


You can see various Platinum/ Nakaya pens during this event.
The final three days (5/15(Thu) ~5/17(sat)) , our pen engineer stay there and service just in front of you.

We are happy to answer your inquiry about the product you have purchased.

We look forward to seeing you then!!!

" Eve'nement Nakaya et Platinum a` Paris"

  Du mardi 22 avril au samedi 17 mai
  Chez Mora Stylos a` Paris 6e`me

Vous pourrez admirer diffe'rents Nakaya et Platinum pendant cet 've'nement.
Du jeudi 15 mai au samedi 17 mai, notre technicien sera pre'sent pour tous lages de vos stylos Nakaya.
Nous serons heureux de re'pondre aux questions concernant les stylos quevous avez achete's.
Nous espe'rons vous voir nombreux.

**We introduce our new 4 items. This is our first design to add an impression on our decapod model.**  14/04/27

[Sumiko Black dragon]
On the decapod twist, we created a dragon using heaping up technique of Sumiko.
The dragon ball and the fire flame are polished with a black Urushi and have been added as an accent.

[Bird in chaos]
One of Nakaya’s characteristics of Makie is to get out of the common idea of Makie at times.
This embodies exactly that, a product made by using high skilled techniques while choosing an eccentric motif.

[The Fujin and the Raijin IV (A wind god and the thunder god IV)]
This is the forth version of “The Fujin and the Raijin” series.
One of the primary colors is Sabi-Nando (type of blue-green), a well-known and traditional Japanese color. We also incorporated with it a Nashiji platinum powder to form a stunning base.

[Ascending dragon 3]
This is the third version of the popular “Ascending dragon” series of Tame-sukashi.
We have unveiled a dragon that reflects more of the Japanese taste compared to the previous two versions (the first version had been based on an ancient Chinese painting).

**Nakaya held event at morastylos in Paris in May.**  14/08/14
Morastylosis the authorized dealer of Nakaya Fountain pen company in France and it was first time for us to hold an event in Paris.

We really appreciate the work ethics of the morastylos and we believe that their support throughout made the event ended successfully.
Mr. Andre Mora is the 2nd generation of the shop's founder and with his great knowledge about the pen, he supports customers' preference and chooses what's best for them.
On the other handMs.Christine Regnault explained the background on how to make Nakaya urushi pens in English and in French since some costumers are from different countries.

Fortunately, we were so pleased that a lot of costumers visited which gave us opportunities to show them different variety of pens.
Moreover,we were so happy to see them in person. Some costumers who visited this event were from abroad and spent their holiday in France.

We did absolutely the same style of event like what we do in Japan.
We also exhibited a lot of standard models and special edition.
Our nib master did different kinds of adjustments according to customers request and needs. Fortunately, it seemed that
customers were really enjoying and showed interest in his work while watching what he's doing.
The outcome of this event was publicized in a pen magazine named "Stylographe" and was published on June 2014 in France.

”morastylos” is a very attractive shop. If you have time, please visit them. We are certain that they will give you great service and satisfaction.
To all the customers who visited this event, we really appreciate your prescence. Thanks a lot!!!

To the photograph page
The appearance of the store
The inside of store
Mr.Yoshida is doing nib adjustment.
Mr. Andre Moraand. Ms.Christine Regnault

**“Dragon” The 2nd version appears! (rolling stopper)**  14/08/14
rolling stopper:【Dragon II】

“Dragon II” is designed in a structure that the dragon embraces a crown just like the Panda rolling stopper model.
It is a vision of mysticism, a dragon looking down on the lower world while coiling its body.

**A new Makie product "Venetian Moon".**  14/08/18
【Venetian Moon】

The Venetian streets are described through the cap and body, and the crescent moon at its zenith was expressed by Raden.
Together with the naive line, it gives a finish like an antique designed pottery.

**Nakaya and Platinum Co, go to Madrid!**  14/08/19
Nakaya and Platinum Pen Event will be held at Iguana Sell" Madrid, Spainin September.

Date: 9/8(Mon)~9/13(Sat)
Place: at "Iguana Sell" Madrid, Spain

You can see various Nakaya pens during this event.
The final three days (9/11(Thu) ~9/13(sat)) , our pen engineer stay there and do nib adjustment according to your request just in front of you.
We are happy to answer your inquiry about the product you have purchased.

We look forward to seeing you then!!!

**We revised an event page.**  14/09/26
Please have a look at the Event page.
We look forward to seeing all of you there.

**A new Chinkin product "Gungyo-zu". It is Close to the limit of the Chinkin technique.**  14/11/08
At first glance, it looks like it is drawn by Makie, but this is a detailed painting of Chinkin.
We could say this is close to the limit of the Chinkin technique.

[Izumi No Kami Kanesada]
Toshizo Hijikata, the vice-commander of Shinsen-Gumi is widely loved not only by those who appreciate Japanese history but others who enjoy a bit of nostalgia.
We made this fountain pen to resemble the sheath for Hijikata’s sword “Izumi No Kami Kanesada” upon customers’ request.

[Briar Marquetry wood patch (wooden inlaid craft)]
We have integrated a little bit of the barrel’s of the briar model, which is a variation of the “Negoro style.”


**Fountain Pen Writing Science analysis section**  13/03/03
  We keep analyzing a writing characteristics by using many data of the "Writing Chart" from one by one customers.
  Nakaya partly opens to the public here.

**Thank you for waiting. We introduce our new items.**  13/05/02
  We updated 3fountain pen and a stoppers. Please check it from following link.
  [ Ayakashi 2 Shu Koboku ]
  [ Sperm Whale ]
  [ Small Sword / Gin Itomaki ]
[ Small Sword ] Stopper

**We introduce our new items.  13/09/03
  We update two fountain pens and a stopper. Please check it from following links.
  [ Bamboo woods ]
  [ Iris ]
  [ Wisteria ] stopper

**We introduce our new items.**  13/09/19
  Finally, the new master piece of maki-e fountain pen has been completed.
  [ Rouben sugi-no-yurai ]

  Please check the new material pen, too.
  [Carbon graphite]

**We introduce our new items.**  13/10/23
  We update two fountain pens and a stopper. Please check it from following links.
  [ Kiba Musha - War-horse knight ]
  [ Negoro style “Nuno-kise HonKataji” version (using red cloth) ]
  [ Stopper ・ Sea turtle ]

**We introduce our new items. (new Tame-Sukashi)**  13/11/01
  We update two fountain pens. Please check it from following links.
  [ The Fujin and the Raijin Ⅱ ]
  [ Red-crowned crane ]

**article - Festival "YaponoManiya-2013" (Kiev) -**  13/11/09
  Kiev (Ukraine), Festival "ЯпоноМания (YaponoManiya) - 2013" was held in September of this year.
  I will introduce an article about Nakaya fountain pen of the festival.
  (I am sorry for only in Ukrainian.)

  PenMania “Nakaya как она есть”
  PenMania “Перья Nakaya: сделаем для Вас”
  PenMania “Nakaya: разговор с президентом”


**We have renewed our website**  12/03/05
  On the 1th of March we have renewed our web-site.

**A new Makie product "Water Dragon"**  12/05/12
  This is a "NEW URUSHI" product.
  Please visit the [ Makie ] page.

**A new Makie product "A fox with the harvest moon."**  12/05/12
  It is a little different from another " Tamesukashi " works.
  Please visit[ Tamesukashi ]page.

**A new Makie product "A wind god and the thunder god."**  12/05/12
  It is a great work after a long time.
  Please visit [ Makie ] page.

**We introduce a pretty work by using "Raden" seashells.**  12/05/24
  Please enjoy the beautiful gradation of mother-of-perl ( Raden ).

**=Important Notice= Revision of pricing**  12/06/28
  The prices of Nakaya Black Urushi color standard items
 will be revised as below from the 1st of August, 2012.

  Writer Black Long : Old price 450$      New price 550$
  Cigar Black Long : Old price 450$      New price 550$
  Writer Black Portable : Old price 400$      New price 550$
  Cigar Black Portable : Old price 400$      New price 550$
  Writer Black Piccolo : Old price 450$      New price 550$
  Cigar Black Piccolo : Old price 450$      New price 550$

  from the 1st of August, 2012.

  The prices of Black color models had been set lower than other color models as the First model for 8 years but we revised them at a proper level. We thank you for your understanding in this matter and for continuing to shop with Nakaya Fountain Pen.
29th of June, 2012        Nakaya Fountain Pen

**We introduce a new work of cherry blossoms motif.**  12/07/20
  The image is the same as former work '' Reed '' and finished in elegant.
 Please have a look at theMaki-e corner.

**A monumental work of popular motif of the ''Dragon''.**  12/07/20
  Please look at the powerful dragon from Maki-e corner.

**A combination of Sumiko technique with Reden.**  12/08/28
  Main motif was finished only by mono tone Raden sea shells.
  This work is combination with Sumiko technique, but please have a look at Raden corner.

**A masterpiece in Japan became a theme for the Nakaya pen.**  12/08/30
  A new work by Yakoh-Makie technique.
  It became an unambiguous work compare to original ink painting.
  Please have a look at the Yakoh-Makie corner.

**A notification of specification change of the roller ball refill.**  12/09/12
  Dear customers,
   We decided to change the price and specification of roller ball refill as follows;

   (Current model)
   Ball diameter ; 0.5mm Black ink      0.8US$
   Ball diameter ; 0.5mm Blue ink      0.8US$
   Ball diameter ; 0.7mm Black ink      0.8US$
   Ball diameter ; 0.7mm Blue ink      0.8US$

   (New model)
   Ball diameter ; 0.7mm Black ink      8US$
   Ball diameter ; 0.7mm Blue ink      8US$
   Ball diameter ; 0.7mm Red ink      8US$

  A body of refill changed from plastic made to metal.

  Thank you for your continuous support.
  Nakaya Fountain Pen Co.,

**Interviewed - Fountain pen enthusiasts in Warsaw -**  12/11/26
  One of fountain pen enthusiast's community interviewed to Nakaya when we visited Warsaw in this October. (I am sorry for only in Polish.)


**A new work of the rolling stopper.**??11/12/22 
??A very populer motif ''a spider'?has been mounted on the pen body.?

**Once in 60 years dragon by Jinyo.**??11/12/22 
??Nakaya has established in Dragon year. (2000)?
? In honor of this event, we produced a special Dragon work once in 60 years.
? A motif is ?''Nine Dragons'' by Chinese famous artistent Jinyo. Please visit?this web page.?

**A descending dragon by?gold leaves .**??11/11/06 
??Please feel a different taste from Maki-e artworks at this corner.?

**We made it by titanium.**??11/11/04 
??Please have a look at the beand new corner here.?

**We added one more Maki-e converter as regular item.**??11/10/16 
??By?adding this, the Maki-e converter became?four season.?
? Please go to the Accesory?web page.

**?A new Yakoh Maki-e work..?**??? 11/10/16 
? A?motif this time is ''a wine glass and grapes''. We put Raden (sea shell) for some parts.
? Please have a look at ?this corner.

** a Cute and elegant work.?**??? 11/10/15 
? A color of base coating and motif have made?unique atomosphere.
? Please visit the ''Original color''?corner.?

**New Urushi×Byakudan technique×Transparent body.** 11/10/14 
? Thanks to newly developed Urushi , we?were able to express a different color never before.?
? Please visit? this page.

**A famous Ukiyo-e became?a Nakaya pen.**? ?11/07/24
??Ukiyo-e is the work of Harunobu Suzuki?(1725-1770) .?
??You can have a look at Maki-e corner.???

**The second model of ''Silver ripple.**? 11/07/18
??The color of base this time is a transparent red. Please check page 6 of this page.?

**New models by rolling strings. **? 11/07/17
??We called them ''the ancient whitsle''.

**A new work of the Art model.**? 11/07/17
??The motif is 'poppy'. We explained on a white body. Please have a look at this corner.?

**A new motif of the rolling stopper.**?? 11/07/02
A motif?this time is a 'Tiger'.

Line engraving on Briar bosy. **???? 11/07/01
??We made both platinum line and gold line. A motif is ''arabesque''?Please visit this page.?

**We revived Sandblasting finish. **? 11/06/13
Uploaded on the regular?item page here.?

**A Maik-e clip mounted on a Maki-e body. **? 11/06/12
Please go to Page 5 and 6 on this web page.?

**We introduce?a?new??rolling stopper ** ???11/06/04
?A motif is Gold fishes. Please have a look at this web page.?

**This attempt is the?first time?in the world. ** ???11/04/25
?We got a quite different quality by special Urushi lacquer ware developed for the first time in
 the ?world. ?A populer ''Tame Sukashi' Dragon" is the first one by this special material.
**We introduce the new work of the Art model all at once.** 11/04/17
Feathers,Japanese bindweed, Bunch of flowers, Lenten Rose, and Grapes. Please check!

**A Good Fortune is motif.** ??11/03/13

?Please go to this page.

**A new work by two layers tame-sukashi.** ??11/03/13
A title is the ancient Chinese tower landscapes. Please have a look at this page.

**We introduce two convenient goods.** ?????11/02/28
??One is good for repair, another one is eraser of ink.

**A colored stone was set at the top of the cap.** ?????11/02/19
A plinth is made from the Starling Silver.?Please go to this corner.

**Two Maki-e converters became a standard item.** ???11/02/17
Nakaya has made a special motif only for special order works by now.
Now we added two Maki-e converters.?
???Motives are Cherry blossoms and red leaves.Please have a look at this page.

**We introduce this artwork by a new technique.** ?????11/02/17

This technique is called "Jidai Nuri''. Plesae visit this corner.

**Two Sumiko artworks by high resolution pictures..** ?11/02/14
One is a former works '' The Acsending Dragon " , one more is ''Katana (a Sword)" .
??A background of both works are pupuler technique ''Sumiko'' finish.

**A brand new color of pigment ink.** ?11/01/30
We introduce new colors of pigment base ink made by Platinum Pen co.,
???New color is ?''Rose red" and "Brun sepia",. Sepia color is know as faded brown.,.
???Platinum Pen Co., develolped this color by pigment base, so that this '' faded '' color will keep


**A brand new modle of Chain mail.** ?10/12/30
?Biloux are set on both sides of pen body. Please visit this page.
Please have a look at the latest worl 'Spiral knit' as well.

**Goddes of mercy on the wave** ?10/12/19

?A motif was traced from a famous Japanese painter Kyosai Kawanabe .
?It is an excellent article of the good luck talisman that adopts the highest technique without
?regrettably. ?Please visit here.

**Raden (sea shell)?on the Decapod twist barrel.** ?10/12/18

Sea shells are pasted on the twisted Decapod axis..??Please visit this page.

**We renewed the design of a desk pen stand.** ?10/10/31
Please check the brand new plinth on the desk pen's corner.

**The East encounters the West Ⅲ has completed.**?10/10/31
??We diid not use the material of the animal origin by a customer's requirement for this work.

**Korin Ogata's typical works on Nakaya pen.**??10/10/28
??The title is Hakubai (white plum tree),please visit this page.

**We set?silver for the barrel.** 10/10/10
? The name is 'silver ripple' .?Please visit this page.

**We took high resolution pictures once more.** 10/10/03
?The artwork is Dragonfly. Whole wings are made from Raden, that's why unuque design. ?Please have a look at these pictures.

**A new work by Raden.** ? 10/09/23
The title is ''a fish''. ??Please visit the Raden ?corner.???

**A title of this work is ''A screen of flowers.'' ** ? 10/09/05
??Please visit this web page.

** We inlaid platinum and express snow flakes. ** ??????10/08/15
?This artwork was ordered ?by Japanese customer.. Please visit Chinkin corner.

**Technique is Shiro tame-sukashi, motif is a fox.** 10/08/15
? A fox has nine tails called 九尾の狐 (Kyubi no kitsune). Please visit this page.

**A sketch of customer autograph became a pen.** ????10/07/24
?A motif is '' enjoying the moon cat' by two techniques.' ? ??Please visit this page.?

**One point motif.?** ??????? ????????10/07/24
??A motif is a lotus flower by Taka-Miake.
??A place of the motif is a a grip section when only the cutomer can see when writing.
?A small, but elegant work. Please go to this web page.

**This work made reed a motif. ** ???????10/06/27
The most diifficult technique ?'Kakiwari' Maki-e was used for so many parts of the body.??????
???Please have a look at this web page.

**We rolled strings on the body. ** ???????10/06/27
? Base model is Peiccolo model., please visit this web page.

**The feather of the Dorsal fin was highlighted. ** ???????10/06/17
???This time, we finished by Tame-Nuri technique. Please visit the Tame-Sukashi ?corner.??

**"Wave finish" ---?a new technique was made. ** ????10/06/13
??The result is same as the name of ?technique.??Please have a look at this web page.

** A good fortune combination by Tameshkashi . ** ??10/06/13
???Please visiit Tame-sukashi corner.

**Shishin (the 4 gods) ''Genbu'' on matt surface.** ??????10/06/13
This is the Genbu matt surface virsion. as new order.
???Please have a look at the 7th and 8th picture of this web page.

**We made '' the 4 Gods'' by one technique in 4 colors.**?????10/06/06
??The technique is Tame-Sukashi.
?Seiryu(Blue Dragon) by Heki(blue/green)-tame sukashi, Suzaku(Red Bird) by Aka(red)-tame
?? Biyakko (White ?Tiger) by Shiro(white) tame-sukashi, and Genbu (Black Turtle) by
(black) -tame sukashi.
??Please visit from Blue Dragon page.

**'' Dragon and Tiger '' by colored Chinkin technique. ** ??10/06/06
??We will introduce techniques and detail soon. So please have a look at pictures first.
?"Dragon" is this web page, ''Tiger'' is here.

** A customer ordered ''An owl and the moon.'' ** ????????10/06/05????
??Please visit this corner.

** The second version of the Zaryu . ** ?????????10/06/05??
?This is the second work of "Zaryu", the Chinese Imperial dragon. A color of the back ground is Chinese ?Imperial Yellow for this time work. Please check this work as well as the1st version.

** Ascending Dragon with fierce face.?**?????? 10/05/15
?Many customers own this work and we designed a fierce taste as the 2nd model.?
?We introduce this model on the same web corner as former work here.?????

**Accessories by Nakaya rolling stopper.**?????? 10/05/15
?We made some accessories made by Nakaya rolling stopper.
?A pendant of a cat with colored stones, bracelat of the dragon and so on.
?Please visisstomerst a special corner page.

**Ito-Ya Maki-e Fair in May.**???????? 10/04/05
?Please check Event corner.

**Finally completed**?????? 10/04/03
?This model was twisted the Decapod axis and finished Tame-nuri? painting.
?We finally completed this production. We introduce this model on the reguler items page.

**Chinkin by ''center arrangement?virsion''?**???? 10/03/15
?Gold engraveing line based on Shu (red) color. Please visit this web page.

**We?made the 2nd edition of Ajiro finishing.?**? 10/03/14
?This time, we set a fastening metal vertically.??Please have a look at this web page.

**We reformed Russian Nakaya web site. **?? 10/03/14
?In response to the demand from Russian customers, we show all Nakaya artworks on
?this brand new website.
?Our staffs who speak Russian language correspond not only a customers stays in Russian,
? but one who use Russian language over the world.

NAKAYA открыла новый специализированный Веб-сайт на русском языке.

Мы открыли сайт на русском языке, чтобы нашим клиентам из России и других стран, использующих русский язык, было легко и удобно заказывать нашу продукцию. На новом сайте представлен широкий ассортимент продукции, который будет и далее расширяться по мере наполнения содержания сайта. Кроме того, русский персонал готов ответить на все Ваши вопросы на русском языке.

**We took high-resolution pictures of the ''A Tiger and Bamboo''? 3/10
?Please have a look at this web page.

**We took high-resolution pictures of the ''Ascending Dragon''? 3/10
?This work that can be called pronoun of NAKAYA , please have a look at this corner.

**The artwork ''Karasu Tengu''? has been completed.**??? 10/03/06
?A coraboration between Sumiko finish and Kakiwari Makie.
?Both technique are very difficult, but?done beautifully. This corner?please.???

**A descending Dragon is launched.? **??? 10/03/06??
?A combination between Hari-Kaki technique and Taka-Maki-e.
?Please have a look at this web page.?

**A new work of Emil-Galle?taste. **???? 10/03/05
?A base model is a transparent acrylic body Piccolo. ?Please have a look at this corner.?

**We made a catalogue. **???? 10/02/21
?We are sorry not to announce this news for two years.
**We made Bell-crickets as motif. **???? 10/02/07
?A body is reden (sea shell). It's feelers are?to thin too be recognized.
?Please try to find them on this page.

**The first artwork by Byakudan-nuri technique. **? 10/02/06
?A conbination of Byakudan painting and Yakou Maki-e.?? Please visit ?this web page.

**We introduce ITO-YA (Tokyo) event layout.?**?? 10/01/31
?Thanks to the warmest support from all kind customers, Paltinum and Nakaya fair at Ito-YA
?headquarter (Ginza, Tokyo)?is bug turn out.
?Old fun of Platinum look at a pen?when he or she was?given as school entrance celebration??
?missing it. Kids buy $3 preppy?fountain pens with parents.....
?We Paltinum and Nakaya staffs study many things? from customers. Thank you very much.
?This fair will be held by Feb.5th, Week days will be not so crowded (not confusing?) as weekend.
?Please visit there. Our staff highly welcome and wait for all customers.
?Please have a look at a layout?before opening.

**We made the 2nd model of Chinkin on the cellroid body. 10/01/31
?Please have a look at 4-6 page of picutres on this page. a base this time is a tortoise shell.

**We launched one more paper weight. **?????? 10/01/30
?A motif is 'live pine', please visit this page.


** "What is this?"???" A hundle of razor etc."?**?? 09/12/27
?Two parts by Housouge Chinkoku? finished by requirement from a customer.
?Please have a look at this web page.

**A bold composition, it's title is the ''Moon'' **?? 09/12/13
This work is piled up?by silver powders only. Please check this page.

**We introduce 2 brand new works.?**??09/12/12?
?One is the first work based on cellulid body, another one?is Sumiko base with trim.?

**We revised Event page in 2010 one by one. **?? 09/12/09
?Please have a look at the Event page. We look forward to seeing all of you there.

**The Sumi-Gold finish of? the Decapod model. **???? 09/11/29
?A base model this time is the Piccolo size of the Decapod cigar.
?Please have a look at the 4th. and? 5th. pictures of this web page.

**A brand new artwork of? the rolling stopper. **???? 09/11/26
?Please go to this web page. A motif this time is a Panda bear.

**The 2nd Kakiwari Maki-e technique we used.**?? 09/11/08
?A motif is 'Seiohbo' . Please visit this web page.

**This is an order from the U.S actress.?**??? 09/11/02
?A motif is ''Foo Dogs''. A pair of Foo Dogs means A-Un breath.
?Please have a look at this corner.

**We revised event page.?**?? 09/10/20
?These 2 events?at the counter will be the last one.? Please come and visit.?

**This design is?the pen?looks like Nakaya's pen pouch.** 09/10/18
?A customer who loves Nakaya's pen pouch. It became a lovely work.

**Owl was made by?Maki-e tecunique.? **??? 09/10/02
?Please go to the Special order corner.

**We introduce a new? Yakoh-Maki-e model.**??????? 09/09/27
?A motif is a moose. A moose is heaped up by Emil-Galle taste as well.
?Please go to Yakoh-Maki-e corner.

**We renewed ''The Art Model series'' after an interval of 8years**??
?We?will?express more?art works by shiny materials. Please?have a look at this web page.

**Autumn event at shops. **? 09/09/03?
?We introduce the event at the counter in this autumn.
?Please visit ?after checking this web?page.

**We introduce Togikiri technique.**?? 09/08/23
?Togikiri techniques enables us to express a bokashi (gradation) effecy like Maki-e gold powders.
?Please image this technique?as the base for?your favorite?motif.???

**A brand new work by Shobu-Tame sukashi. **?? 09/08/15
?A motif is Biyakko (A white tiger) ,please have a look at this page.

**The?2nd model of ?'Dorsal fin'. **?? 09/08/08
?This time, we raised a cap and a barrel?to make dorsal fins by the Ishime-Kanshitsu technique.
? Please have a look at this page.?

**You can see Nakaya original models by high resolution pictures. **
?Thanks to Ukuraine government, we could make many Nakaya artworks. Therefore we took high
? resolution pictures. We keep them at the special order corner.
?''Tennyo no Hagoromo'', ?''King fisher'',??"Gengei Hochu",?? ''Maki''?and ,?? Botan Karakusa.?.

**We put our Nakaya logo to previous trial model. **? 09/07/05
?Please check the last 3 pictures of Nakaya Chain Mail model.

**We introduce samples of Tame-Nuri by Ishime-Kanshitsu colors. 7/5
?Since customers frequently ask about the color of this color, we ?showed them?on this web?
. Aka-tame,Kuro-tame, and Heki-tame by? Ishime-Kanshitsu technique.

**Mini fair is now open at Ginza Ito-Ya.**?? 09/07/01
?Until about June 20th, you can see some more pens there.
?Please check schedule?here and meet Nakaya works.

**Nakaya goes to Singapore.?**? 09/06/29
?Mr.Yoshida goes to the ceremony of brand new shop of the Aesthetic Bay.
?Please check schedule.

**We produce a Scorpio as main motif. **??? 09/06/28
?A base model is a transparent acrylic body. Please go to this corner,

**2?kinds of Shinobu pattern. **?? 09/06/28
?One is a black line on Shu ground, another one is..... , please go to the corner.

**The white Eagle encountered a previous model.** 09/06/27
?A US customer required to use a symbol of America to previous model.?
?The symbol is the White Eagle.? Please have a look at the special corner.

**Nakaya came to be able to make a roller ball point pen.**09/06/20?
?Nakaya customers frequently say that the fountain pen is not so used when they recommend?
?Nakaya pens to thier friends.
?This time Nakaya made pens which can be used as oil base and?water base refill based on the
?same populer Nakaya model.?A refill?is the international size, so that?conpartible.
?Please visit?from this web corner!??

**Another works by the black Hair line finish.?**??? 09/06/07
?The 1st model was Piccolo. We added the Writer, the Cigar portable?size,and the Piccolo?
?Equilibrium model by black hair line finishing. Please go th the 4th picture of?the same corner
?of the Hair line finishing.????

**Motif ?''A Feather'' from European customer. **?? 09/05/17?
?Base model is the Piccolo Cigar. Please go to this page.

** Hyomon technique was used for a pen. **?? 09/05/17
?A motif?is the Phoenix. To put a silver board to curved surface is?very difficult.
?Also?a shape of pen body this time was made for the first time. Please visit this page.?

*We added one more pattern of 'Housouge' for a deskpen.* 09/05/07?
?This pattern is simple for a desk pen set which has many curved surface.
?We made one, but we are making one more set because one customer got it.
?Please visit this page. (This pattern an be seen from the 4th picture.?)

**A former work ''A bamboo'' by a former technique.** 09/05/06
?Shobu Sukashi technique for a bamboo to desk pen set. Please have a look at? this corner.

**Pigment base Blue color ink is released !?**? 09/05/05 ?
?Platinum Pen Co., has lainched it by bottle type in this March with admirations by heavy users.
?We Nakaya introduce this wonderful ink to Nakaya pen owners at this corner .

**A rolling stopper ''a Snake'' was made.**?? 09/05/05
?We also set emeraldo for eyes. Please visit this page.

**Negoro style 'Heki-tame' and rare 'White-tame' virsion.** 09/05/05
?Both models are introduced at the Original color corner.
?Heki-tame is here, Shiro(white)-tame is here.

*We introduce?a collector's box made by a German's customer.* 4/23?
?This box is indeed?becomes profound, elaborate making by German's way of manufacturing.
?Please have a look at this page.

**The 3rd Indian God?'Krishna' has completed.?** 09/04/19?
A order from oversea's customer. This artwork is the 3rd one of Nakaya after the?Hanuman and the Ganesh. It became a colorful artworks by using several colored gold powders .
Please visit this page.

**We made?a ''Fire Patten'' by Maki-e.?**? 09/04/12
?A base model is Nakaya Piccolo, please visit a special order page.?

**We introduce 2 brand new artworks.?**?? 09/04/05?
?Seasonal flowers?(ver.2) and Ao Gai Zukushu(Blue seashells).

** We made a box for a desk pen by?paulownia wood.?** 09/03/21
?To give a desk pen set with wooden box was a traditional manner and still populer.
?Please use this box as gift and yourself. Please have a look at this corner.?

**We made a business card case. **? 09/03/21
?Dragon by Tame-sukashi technique ,?Shinbu,?Peony by Chinkin, and??Crain.
? We show 4 artworks at one time.

** The 2nd model of Piccolo Equilibrium model. **?? 09/03/16?
The 2nd one is Aka-tame painted like this picture.

**The 1st model of flower motif for ''Rolling stopper''?**??? 09/03/16
?A motif this time is Cherry blossoms.
?This model is also the 1st one which has it's background.? Please go to this page.

**The 2nd and 3rd work that used "Shinobu''?as a motif **??09/03/15
Sumi is applied over the "Shinobu" engraved in a black ground. Please go to this page.
「Shinobu」 engravings inlaid with platinum. Please go to this page.

** These are the memorial of company establishment. **? 09/01/25
?This memorial consist of 4pieces of Tame-Sukashi pens.?
?A main motif is ''filling luck of the moon'', Shi-shin (4 gods) are expressed as well.
?Please have a look at the Tama-Sukashi corner here.

**This artwork?was finished by the hair line technique. **? 09/01/25?
?A model this time is Piccolo, but we can make it in other model. Please let us know.
?We will prepare these?finishing as reguler artwork. Please visit this corner.

**The second work of colored powders with Chinkin. **?? 09/01/24
A motif this time is Palmet. Please visit this corner.

**This artwork was completed by a customer.?**??? 09/01/24
?A Japanese customer completed by using Nakaya barrel.
?Silver chain and amethysts are main material. Please visit this ''Trial products'' corner.

**NAKAYA settled the event schedule in the first half of 2009.** 1/18
A lot of events are?scheduled. We care our inventory ?for?all events, so we look forward to the?
customer's seeing the new items at the counter. Please check the schedule.
(A few more events will be fix soon.)?

**This time we made the Decapod model?from Piccolo size.** 09/1/1??
?The name is "Decapod Piccolo". Please check this page.

**Thank you in advance also in 2009.?**? 09/01/01
?The 1st model in 2009 is this. The Sumiko technique based on brand new model.


**This work used many colores. **?????? 08/12/31
?A motif is a historical figure.? Please have a look at? this corner.?

**We introduce 2 models at Trial Product corner.?**?? 08/12/31 ??
?The same size of Writer Portable model based on Desk pen.? ''Neo Standard'' model is ?here.
?PICCORO model "Equlibrium" style?is here.

**NAKAYA shows some works year end and new year.** ?08/12/14 ??
?At ITO-YA (Ginza, Tokyo?headquarter).?? Please check our event corner?in detail.

**A colored taka-Maki-e on nuno-kise model.**? 08/12/07
?Vine was expressed by colored taka-Maki-e (heaping up technique) on nono(a cloth) finish in
??tin color. Please have a look at this web page.

** A couple of dorcus on a pen barrel. **?? 08/11/16
?A customer rewuired to express his favorite insect and Nakaya made it by Tsuikin technique.

** Blue roses?were expressed by blue sea shell? (raden) **? 08/11/16
?Please visit this web page.

** "A Robin with white rose" **???? 08/11/04
?An elegant?conbination with main motives as above and Akebono painting as background.??
?The Akebono technque is not so expensive that we can express a beautiful artwork by some
?motif with Akebono 2 tone base coating. Please check this page.??

**A desk pen stand of Housoge motif has been made. **? 08/11/03???
?A populer Housouge done by Kikyo base /Platinum line was ordered by one customer.
?This?is one of the artwork which Nakaya wanted to make as well. Please visit this page.

** Maki-e has done on a wooden barrel (Briar model).?**??08/11/02?
?An elaborated model by all? trims were plated in rhutenium color?and Maki-e with?Raden (sea
? shell).? ?? The 1st model of Maki-e on Briar barrel could be seen on this page.

** We made Inro-style pouch. **?? 08/08/12?
?This pouch is made by Datsu-Kanshitsu method. Please go to the Special product page.

** We introduce 2 types of cloth models.?**?? 08/07/28
?One is Negoro style, another one is tin powder finishing?model.?

** The Sound is not emitted.?**??? 08/07/26
?This is the 1st model of music instruments rolling stopper.
?Piccolo model with this rolling stopper and Music nib will be suitable for a musician ????

**A new version of Negoro-nuri model **?? 08/07/21?
?A craftsman exposes the base (a cloth) from a crack intentionally.
?Please have a look at this page.

**We uploaded Nakaya website in Russian language.?**?? 08/07/18?
?Russian Nakaya can be used from top page?following French website.

** We received the order of Dragonflies by Chinkin technique. **
?We used both of line and dot engraving and use color for motif.

**This artwork is Yakou Maki-e with Raden (Sea shells) **? 08/06/22
??The motif is ''Wild Strawberry''. Please have a look at this page.

**We made pastel (blight) blue color. **?? 08/06/09
?Usually the Urishi artworks tend to be dark at first moment, however this color is blight and?????
?gentle. Please have a look at it once at Special color corner.

** The Dragon?of populer rolling stopper was made.?**?? 08/06/08
We made a fortune ''White dragon'' model as well.
?You can imbed colored stone to eyes and the dragon ball.
?Please visit"Special order page''.?

**A very beautiful result by?Chinkin techniques.??**? 08/06/08?
?A motif is?"A peacock with westeria."?
?After doing both of line and dot engraving, we use many colors and harmonized as?whole.?
**A Mamory of Japan trip became a pen. **?? 08/05/04
?The pen is required fro foreign customer when he went to Nara.
?A motif is the''Un'' statue?of Horyuji temple.

**Nanten (a heavenly bamboo) scattered on silver body.**??08/04/29
?A base model is Piccolo . Beautiful work with silver trims as ajiro. Please watch this page.?

**A purpose is to make a contrast between red and white color.?**?
?We described white roses on Shu (red) base. This kind of design is also nice?to men?as well as
?slient design like Sumiko pens. Please visit here.

**Blue sea Shells on Decagon?barrel.??**? 08/04/27
?Please have alook at the pictures ?before explanation.

**A picture of ''Hanuman" was renewed.?**??? 08/04/27
?We recieved a new order from?a customer, so we took pictures at studio.
?Please have a look?at?this corner.

**A Centipede and a Scall **???? 08/04/27
?A collaboration of Sumiko technique and rolling stopper. Please have a look at the pictures.

**I am sorry, Nakaya change the schedule to Chicago.**???08/04/07
?Nakaya goes to Chicago every year, but we cannot go this year.
?In?Tokyo, Platinum and Nakaya will have a?special fair at Itoya headquarter in Ginza?and we
?had to consentrate to this, I am sorry.?
?On behalf of Nakaya staff ,Mr. John Mottishaw kindly introduce Nakaya pens?at the shaw.
?We will plan some event instread of Chicago, I am sorry.

**A new artwork of 'Ajiro' specification.?** ?08/03/30
?A quality of bamboo trunk is given to the pen based on?a beautiful bamboo knitting ?''Ajiro''?
? pattern . We show it at the same corner?of previous model.?

** ''Camellia'' based on Sumiko technique.?**??????? ?08/03/30
?Looks?simple , but we feel high capability for this artwork.

**New colors of nib are available. **?? 08/03/29
?I am sorry to have kept you waiting, a system that a speicial color of nib was finally able to be
?made.?We can match the color of each trims to a nib now.
?A line up of trims??is this corner, line up of several? color of nibs?is this corner.

** Scarly (?) cat.?**??? 08/03/29?
?A horrible cat is jumping in while? breaking Japanese Shoji screen.?
?Please go to this corner.

**Silver 'Bokashi' Dragon ,deskpen version has made.**?? 08/03/13??
?We recieved a full set of deskpen?by this design. Please have a look?from page7 of?this?corner.??

**Nakaya makes this artwork by ourself this time.**?? 08/03/12
We hope to catch up with the highest Maki-e technique?of Edo period in Japan.??
?The artwork this time ("Jurojin") is one of this purpose.

** I am sorry, one reguler product will be raised?the price.**08/03/05
?A PICCOLO Cigar and Writer?model in Black color will raised it's price from April 1st.
?This model is reasonable price so that many customers purchased as the first fountain pen,
?but we Nakaya was not able to keep maintaining the same price.
?The price?of both items will be the same as Writer long siae.?($385)
?Besides, a total length of Piccolo Writer and Cigar model?has been the same.?
?A Writer model became shorter and same length as Cigar.
?Please check the size and the?? price.

**New retail shops will start for Nakaya.?**??? 08/03/04
?Kyoto???? ?JR Kyoto Isetan? 6F Men's goods.???open :?March 8th.
?Fukuoka?? Hakata Daimaru?? 4F Prime life zone?? open April 2nd.
? At first, it is available for only a reguler products.But you can see several?Maki-e artworks at??
? Kyoto Isetan in March.? Please visit.
? We will introduce these brand new shops at Nakaya shop corner?as well.(I am sorry, only in?
? Japanese)

** ''Shuro'' tree by Taka Maki-e.?**?????????????? 08/02/28??????
?We used a Akakuchi-shu for the first time. Please have a look at here.

**A coloerd powders by Chinkin line and point engraving **? 08/02/17.
?Please have a look at this website.?

**?Kyoto Ken-nin-ji temple Dragons by Togikiri technique** 08/02/11
?It is not so easy to express brush (Indian ink) drawing by Maki-e, but please have a look at
?this Togi-kiri technique.
**Tame-Sukashi ''Hannya-Shinkyo''??? 08/02/10
?By a oversea's customer's requirement, we made "Hannya-Shinkyo" ont a pen body.
?Please go to this page.?

** Yakou-nuri Heki color Picclol model? **???? 08/02/09
?Also a grip section?with splinkled gold powders.?
?A motif is the crown made in Greece of B.C.Palmet. Please visit here.

**A special pen barrel by Kanshitsu powders?**???? 08/02/09
?This is one artwork of changing the shape of pen by only Urushi and?Kanshitsu powders.?
?A base model is Nakaya Piccolo, and we made it to mount a cap to the bareel and
?also prevent rolling.? You can take a look at this at Special corner? and trial products corner.?

**??We updated the Event corner?? **??? 08/02/01
?I am sorry that almost all events will be held in Japan.
?Usually, we Nakaya can only?meet every customers through the web, so we??really look forward
?to seeing over the counter.??Here is the schedule by May.

** Emil Galle taste 'A Dragonfly' has completed.**?? 08/01/24
?A technique of Shu-ai Urushi?on transparent body? enable us to?make this model.
?A vary beautiful artwork?so that we Nakaya is going to lauch several trial from now.

** Ishime-Knshitsu in Kikyo(Blue) version.?**? 08/01/07
Please visit ''Kanshitsu''?pageof Special product corner.

**We science as for 'Writing'. **?? 08/01/04
We disclose a little about one part of Nakaya.??? It is the "Writing Science?devision.?"

** The collection of? ''Goldfish" by several techniques.?** 08/01/02
We attach the hyper link among?the following artworks, but this is a ?collection of Gold fish.

???by?a regular Maki-e technique? ;?????Latest model?(New)??????the 1st version?
???by? Tame-Sukashi technique?? ?;?????Aka-tame-Sukashi?(New)????Nuri-hanashi "telescopes"
??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?Kuro-tame&Aka-tame?
?? by? Chinkin technique???????????? ?;?? ??colored Chinkin?(New)
? ★Oh! This was, too.???????????????? :???? Gold fishes converter

** Another version of Silver(Gin) bokashi Dragon **? 08/01/01
We upload it on the same corneras previous version.
Silver part around the dragon is slightly different.

** We took some pictures again by a high image?quality. ** 08/01/01
We took pictures?which are?especially difficult to express such as ;
Tame-sukashi?"Friendly Goldfishes" ,??Owl ,
Chinkin?"Squirre and wild grapes".??


** We added color stones with a solid clip.?**? 07/12/31?
Sapphire, Peridot, Ruby are used.? Please check the clip corner.

** Nakaya / Nakata will go abroad.???**??? 07/12/07
??2007.12.16-18? Belgium?? Brussels?
????????????? ?19-20? Paris
???2008.??1. 6-10??Hong Kong??????????????''Hong Kong International Stationary fair.''
???????????????20-21 ?Switzerland????Zurich
???????????????22-29? Germany? frankfurt?? ''The Paper World 2008''

??????????????????????It will be fun to meet Nakaya customers at hotel and? so on.,,,,

**2 populer Tame-nuri (Aka-tame and Kuro-tame) became 1 pen.
A motif is also populer "gold fishes".
So many layers have been done on the barrel. Please check here.

**"Zogan" made from?white gold.? **? 07/12/02?
We made White Gold (WG) Zogan by the customer's order?in Ukraine to match WG clip.
Please refer here.

** Olive Green color by Urushi Tame-Nuri.?**???? 07/12/01
Many customers?send interesting images for Piccolo model.
This?order?was designed by an Australian woman.??Please visit this page.

**''Maple leaves'' by traditional technique.?**??? 07/11/27
This is one of the most traditional motif for Maki-e fountain pen.
We can see maple leaves with small animals like birds for other trqditional layout, however
a customer this time (A female person in Israel) ordered only maple leaves this time.
Please see this page.

**Please see '2 layers of ''Tame-Sukashi'' technique'?** 07/11/25
A motif is bamboo wood. A craftsmen has done Tame-sukashi twice to express 3-D effect.
Please check this technique here.

** Decapod Sumi-ko finish with gold trim. **??? 07/11/25
An elegant design of this Decapod does not?get us tired.???? Please go to this page.

**''The East meets the West''?by Sumi-ko technique was made. 11/25
It took over 8months to complete. Please have a look at the pictures.

**Brand new version of? "Housouge" series **?? 07/11/18
A vary populer "Tame-Nuri base" is here, a neat "dark blue/platinum"combination is here.

**Rest for a moment. **??????? 07/10/20
The greeting cards that 'Nakaya Company' who was it's antecedent?of Platinum Pen Co., had mailed to their customers in 1940's was discovered by a customer.
Thank you for providing to Nakaya. We introduce them here.

**A brand new technique of Ryukyu Tsuikin .**???? ?07/10/20?
Cherry blossoms are expressed by So-Zuke techinque. Tsuikin has done for whole body in gold
color.? Please visit this corner.

**Thank you for waiting. We launched 2tone Music nib. 07/10/20?
We finally made a 2tone color Music nib.
You can see 2tone Music and a single tone one at this corner.?

** Chinkin? "A phoenix in the paulownia."? **??? 07/10/19
A craftsman uses point engraving and line engraving for this artwork.
Please visit 'Chinkoku' corner.

**"Negoro-nuri taste" is painted in Wajima **?? 07/10/08
?Please enjoy a feeling of threadbare and worn-out quality.?
?Nakaya is now making a feeling of 'be broken', 'wither', 'be torn' by Maki-e techniques.
?We have already launched a feeling of 'be torn' by "Ayakeshi model" and customers?
?misunderstood? this product had crack truely.
?We would like to start from this Negoro-nuri? model to express a feeling of worn-out feeling.
?Please check''Trial product"?corner.

**A customer's favorite thing became a solid clip.?** 07/10/08? ?
?We made a sold clib made from silver?according to?customers' preference.?
?An animal, ?a musical instruments, vehicle etc..? We have a variety of idea?for this part.
?Please check?the Clip corner.?

**A?Crab?by 'togi-kiri' Maki-e technique??**? ?07/08/18
?This pen was required by UK customers.
?This is the 1st model of 'togi-kiri'Maki-e based on Silver surface.
?Please refer to ''Enko-sokuen-zu''?, a same technique?based on gold surface.

**''Lovely rabbits''? by 2 techniques **? 07/08/15
?Popular 2 techniques like 'Tame-sukashi' and 'Yakoh-nuri'?have been done for one Nakaya pen
?for the first time. A motif is husband and wife of rabbits by ''Chijyu-giga" pictures.
?Very pretty and gentle atomosphere. Please visit this page.

**We made basic Chinkin(black/gold) ?for?a popular ''Housoge'' series.
?Nakaya has made a basic Chinkin (black/gold pattern) for 2?Nakaya models (Writer portable and
? Piccolo) . Also?we?have done Maki-e clip suitable for the?pen barrel for the first time.
? Please visit ''Chinkoku''?Special order corner.?
? Also you can have a look at?4 variations of Chinkoku, chinkin series at this page.?

**Diamonds and Sapphires were set around the clip.?**? 07/08/13
?Sapphires were set looks like gradation and diamonds were set to 2 lines.
?An excellent quality of setting some bijoux for Nakaya pens makes ellegance more than a? ??
?writing tools.? You canhave a looka at them at?Special corner.

**This is the pen for which was used by Japanese Movie. 07/08/11
?This pen was popular in?the actors and actress. Please have a look at this page.
**A paulownia box for special order products were renewed. 07/08/11
?A top of lid applies the curved surface and makes 'Kuri'. Please have a look at this picture.

**Nakaya supports Japanese movie.???? 07/07/16?
?From last November, Nakaya made some fountain pens as actor and actress use in movie? and
?also advised acting of fountain pen shop which is main motif of this movie.
?The title is "A closed note"and?read by over 1 million Japanese people?mainly through the web.
?The pen was made based on Cigar model?and this movie will be screened form Sep 29th.?
?The official sight is; (This link has time limit by the end of ?this year.)

**A traditional motif 'Gold fish' was ordered by a?customer. 07/07/01
A several colors of gold express gold fishes. Please visit this corner.

**"Cats with wool balls?"?** 07/07/01
?We employs colored Chinkin for the first time.
?Please enjoy the variation of several Chinkin techniques?here.???

**A picture of Matisse became to Nakaya pen.**?? 07/06/24
A coloring and feeling are different from Maki-e world, but a beautiful?pen has been completed
with customer's cooperation. Please visit this sight.?

** The "Waves" by Sumiko and Chinkoku tachnique.**? 07/06/24?
A production period ; 7 month. This?artwork is the?most expensive?one of Nakaya current work.
It is uploaded on this sight.

** The latest pictures of 'Kuroku'(nine deers) ** 07/05/27
We took pictures of the latest artwork of this model ordered by a customers.
We added a picture in detail and inside of a cap by higher quality of pictures.
Please visit this Maki-e corner .

** Sumiko 'Palmet' by a?Nakaya?customer. **? 07/05/20
A palmet was made a motif?of?trim by 'Sumiko' technique.?Please have a look at this corner.

**A "Kisho(good fortune) Lobster".?? ** 07/05/20? ?
A lobster is one of most famous motives. Please visit here.

**The 2nd of "time passege"series. "Matt-Tame-sukashi"** 07/05/20
Nakaya owner kindly cooperated to take pictures of rare 'Matt('nuri-hanashi')' tame-sukashi
artwork. some pictures are 1.5 year old and beautiful motives (gold fishes) appeared also in case?
of this technique. The first 3 pictures are 1.5 year-old one of this corner.?

** The 2nd edition of "The spider (with fireflame)".**? 07/05/04?
This time artwork is not ordered by the customers.
One of Nakaya Maki-e artists totally produced by his creativity. Please visit?this corner.?

**Ishime Kanshistu (stone finish) with Raden .?? ** 07/04/22????
We made this finishing on the Decapod model and Piccolo. Please visit this corner.

**The Acsending Dragon by 'sumi' matt black finish on a desk pen set.
This artwork looks like an iron. Please visit this page.

**A collector's box by 'Chin-koku' technique.?** 07/04/08
Plese visit?this corner.?????

**The highest?clase dragon "Za-ryu(座龍)"has completed.** 07/04/05
We Nakaya put the highest class Dragon on the fountain pen.
A coiling layout on the barrel is suitable for the pen, but a very front view of dragon?by Maki-e on the fountain pen?has impact.? Please have a look at this corner.

** Attention? Nakaya server will move.?**??? 07/04/05
Nakaya internet server will move on April 8th 23:00 p.m (Japan time).?
I am sorry to bother Nakaya customers,? Nakaya will make effort to move within 24 hours from above time. But please pay attention to it. You cannot access our website during this period.

** Nakaya goes to Chicago Pen Show **??? 07/04/01
Also this year, Nakaya will exhibit Chicago Show 2007.
We arrive at May 3rd, leave May 8th.?

**A different version of "Sumiko Ayakashi" **? 07/04/01
?"Ayakashi" and "The Whale and wave " are required by the customers frequently.
? Sometimes Nakaya change their specification slightly by?talking with customers.
? Please have a look at from?the 6th picture of? "Ayakashi" corner.
? A customer approved to wait for a while, so Nakaya could have pictures at photo studio.

** "A spider and the web"by Sumiko(charcoal) technique.** 07/04/01
?A gold 'Taka-maki-e' spider?and silver web with 'Sumiko' matt black?background has good??
? contrast and high quality. Please visit 'Sumiko'?section? of Special order corner.

** "Ajiro" has been completed.??**?? 07/03/31?
?A feeling like bamboo knitting , this is "Ajiro".
?Nakaya??reprinted "Ajiro" pattern of Inro?in Japanese Edo period.?
This is one of Nakaya masterpiece.

**A new edition?of Ryukyu "Tsuikin" has been completed. * 07/03/18?
?A type for a dragon coiling around a long barrel is?here.
?A type?for a?Desk Pen set is here.

** We introduce "Chin-koku" and "Chin-kin". ** 07/03/18????????
?It finished a very beautiful pen.
?Nakaya rarely mentions about?the price of each products. but this product is economical.
?The "Chinkoku" is here, the ?"Chin-gin" is here.

**An Acsending dragon by silver Taka-Maki-e on "tame-nuri"surface.
?By using silver powder, this model has matalic feeling on populer "Tame-nuri"base.
?Please have a look at this picture.

**A popular Tame-sukashi Dragon has mounted on a popular desk pen.
?One customer has ordered before Nakaya tried to make.
?A long barrel, a trumpet and?a?flat stand are differnt shape, so that?a desp set is a creative
?theme.? Please go to this corner.

**A brand new modle from customers.??**? 07/02/21?
?All of Nakaya customers' sence of beauty is really wonderful.
?We Nakaya is also pleased with?collabration and good?studying opportunity.
???A Palmet
???A peony with jewel.
???A special size "Heki-tame" version.

** We set up a color variation for a Clip and trims.?** 07/02/13?
??We Nakaya prepared several color of plated trims such as a clip and ?band on a cap.
? Champagne gold, Pink Gold, Matt Gold, Ruthenium, etc....
? We hope you will arrange to make your best Nakaya pen with these trims.

**?A Spear by 'Sumi-ko' technique??** 07/01/14
A spear is expressed?on the?Sumi-ko surface at the Specisl Order?Corner.
A base model is Nakaya Cigar long size. You can see it on? this page.?

** Ishime Kanshitsu 'Green' version **???? 07/01/14
Other colors like 'Shu' (red) and so on are available same as? metalic 'Suzu(tin)'?ishime.
Please go to this pege.

**A beautiful letter from a customer??? 07/01/08**
?We introduce a beautiful letter. A this time calligrapher is a 19-year-old female person.
?Please have a look at the Calligraphy corner. (below)?

** We received a new color of reguler models.?? 07/01/04 **?
?A coincidence or either color of ?model was "Araishu".
?You can have a look at the?''Araishu" of the?Decapod model is?here,?
? and the Equilibrium model?is?here.??
?Both models can been seen on?Nakaya?reguler products corner.?

** A brand new Dragon has been completed by a brand new technique.
?Nakaya has made a brand new Dragon by ?Ryukyu (Okinawa)? Tsuikin technique.
?A heaping up body of dragon has impact and reality.
?Since, Tsuikin is lacquer technique, please visit Maki-e corner.?

**Pictures of??2-year-old "Tame Sukashi" Dragon???? 07/01/03**
Thanks to a customer in the US, he kindly returned his Dragon pen and Nakaya could take some
pictures of 2-year-old artwork. A gold color of dragon has? brightened and beautifully changed !?
Please checkhere !!? (From Page5 of? this corner.)

**Revised "Ganesh" has completed.???? 07/01/03? **
Nakaya?revised "Ganesh" and changed picutures by a customer's brand new order.
?A Maki-e quality is also much better than before.?

**Colored transparent cap by?"Shu ai "urushi lacqure 07/01/02? **

The second version of ?colored transparent finishing by using an acrylic material and Shu-ai
?urushi.? This model will be excellent by put some motif on it.?


**Nakaya will go to Italy and Germany.? 06/12/21**
? Nakaya will go to Roma from Jan 20th to 22nd,and? Nakaya will show some Nakaya pens at the Paper World 2007 in Frankfurt.from 24th to 28th. If you have opportunity, I would like to meet you there.
We also introduce a detail on the "event page."?

**Another model of? masterpiece "The whale and Wave". 06/12/17
?We introduce one more artworks by special requiremant by the customers for this model.
?Several version of this masterpiece has been completed.
?This time model was lathed a little bigger barrel and?changed some design as well.
? You can see it on page?6 and?7 of this corner.??

**More design for a watch dial.....????? 06/12/16
?Nakaya has recieved order as a watch dial once again.
?The last one was required from Switzerland, this time was from?Canada.
?Techniques we used ?were?"Sumiko" and "Tame-sukashi."
?I hope someone will be a reference.?

Additional?color of "Silver (tin) Kanshitsu (stone finish) model?"12/16
?This model??is a little difficult to be recognized on the web, but always sold out over the?
? counter.? This time Nakaya made some?colors?by this technique.
**A picture of PICCOLO WRITER MODEL is introduced. 06/10/12
?We uploaded the picture of ?PICCOLO with clip model.
?You can see it on product page.

** A Maki-e was done on white Urushi lacquer ware.?? 06/10/01
?As you know, a color of whtie Urushi is not a pure white, however the color matched with?
?a motif this time. A motif this time is? "a ?raspberry" .
?Please have a look at this beautiful result?.?

** "The holy Mother and the Son" by Shobu-tame-sukashi. 06/09/17
A person concerned Christian ordered to draw this motif.
Each?delicate lines will be clear day by day.Please check this corner.

**Tin Ishime-kanshitsu(stone finish) by green (heki) color model.?9/17?
A metalic feeling is beatiful by the tin stone finish surface.??
We Nakaya now making a different color by the same technique.
This time model is green("heki") like?these pictures.??

**?"A Forget-me-not"?for a Japanese customer.? 06/08/07
"A Forget-me-not" has made by Maki-e technique?for a Japanese female customer.
This time we?used a different technique called "Ashide" method for Kanji character.
Please have a look at this corner.
**"Zo-gan" on a grip section is launched.?? 06/08/06
Nakaya remade a "Zo-gan" which was very populer in golden period of the foutain pen in Japan.?
This design is matched with Nakaya retro feelings of a grip section.
Please have a look at this corner.

**Desk pen with cap is introduced formally.??? 06/08/05?
We show some pictures of desk pen. 
As we all know,?an ebonite is a?light material,?thus enables?to hold?a pen without any stress.
So Nakaya deskpen with an elastic nib is supported by a lot of demale customers.
Now we have a cap, so you can also carry this pen.
Please visit the corner of this product here.?

**"Cherry blossoms" by Sumiko method.????? 06/07/03
We are proud of many foreign customers love a sober Maki-e like this.
I t is hard to recognize Sumiko method though internet, but the layout is like
Ukiyoe and heaping up at tree and branches are real. Please check here.

**"Bamboo in silver color" has been completed.?? 06/07/01
As requested by a foreign customer, bamboo by silver powder has been completed.
Please check this website.

**We updated event schedule (in Japan) for summer season.06/06/26
Since summer?is not populer season?for pens, but Nakaya exhibits a few?'Japanese traditional
artwork by craftsmen'.
If you have any opportunity to go there,please visit Nakaya.
A schedule is here.?

**We have finally shown the pictures of Decapod "Heki-tame"version.
A Decapod model has 10 angles so that we Nakaya made this barrel in order to express
a difficult color like 'heki-tame',but when we shown this model at show in Chicago and so on,
this products were sold at once.
We apologize to be late in introducing this model on the web.
Please visit this pictures.?

**We made pen pouch by (Kyoto) Nishijin textile???? 06/06/20
Nakaya made pen pouch for 1 piece by 'Nishijin-ori' cloth.
We also made it for 5 pieces by same cloth.
Please have a look at this picture.
**We introduce?a desk pen stand?for 9 Nakaya pens.? 06/06/10
This desk stand contains Nakaya full set of Nakaya basic nibs.?
Nakaya always carries this when we go to some events for the samples of nibs in front of customers. This tool does not need lerge space, so we Nakaya feels convinient.
You can see this on desk pen corner.

**An acceptable table for other makers' fountain with desk stand.
We recieve many questions about adjustment of other makers' fountain pens to Nakaya desk
stand. ?So we checked?populer fountain pens and made a table.?
Please have a look at the table on this web.

**Nakaya?formed some opinions for several items around pens. 6/5??
Not only the items on this corner, but we introduce some pictures which Nakaya keeps
at this moment.
We will introduce one by one from now at this corner.

**The 1st version of "Heki-tame Yakoh nuri"**??? 06/06/04
A flog and cherry was expressed by Yakoh in 'heki-tame' technique.?
Please proceed this page.

**"A Bamboo" has completed.**???? ?06/06/03
We have launcheda new product with?motif of bamboo by Maki-e.
THe motif of bambo has much inquired by our customers.
Therefore we have launched it?and introduced on this page.
Since each part of bamboo is decolated very finely,the cost is high.
Based on this model,we can make several other designes of the bamboo pen.?
Please have a look at this page.

**A cat by 'Utagawa Kuniyoshi' has finaly completed.** 06/06/02?
This model is the 2nd version of Nakaya customer's request.
She loves cats and chose this motif and also put?one big diamond of her ring and inbet at the bottom of a barrel.
A cap is made from transparent acrilic body with 'Shu' bokashi.
This pen has many materials and techniquse, but the pen itself is quite?gentle and ellegant.
The pen is one of ?masterpiece of Nakaya.
The picture?is less than actual product,but please have a look at this for your reference.

**One more "The Shoki chases the Demon" has completed. **5/30
We have completed shoki as the second version.
A layout is same as before one,but the detail part like pupils are different and have power.
Please go to this page.

**The sample of "1 year later" of "Aka-Tame"and "Heki-tame". 5/23
We cannot recognize clearly about the color of these two models.
This time Nakaya uploaded 1 year old model of these. Please proceed this corner.

**"?Yakoh nuri, "Hagi (bush clover)" has launched**? 2006/5/21
This picture shows ?1 month old model, you can see the color has changed from the edge.
Please visit this page.

**Pictures of??elastic nib (2 tone) has been uploaded**? 2006/5/18
Since an?elastic nib is populer, Nakaya showed this nib with 2 tone
color varsion.
Please accsess here.

**?Decapod model has launched ?** 2006/5/3
A cap, a barrel and top piece of the cap are decapod .
This pen has many (10) corners ,so that "Tame-nuri" colors are beautifully expressed .
An aspect of the cap and barrel is flat when you close the cap. (from 1 of 4 scew enterences).
You can see this modelon the product page here.

** Hagi (Bush clover) paltinum powder base ** 2006/4/30
Platinum?powders are sprinkled on the barrel?.
This pen became?a bright and ellegant atomosphere.
Please access here.

** Urushi painted on the?transparent barrel** 2006/4/28
Nakaya finally completed the barrel with Urushi body.
It looks like Art Nouveau because Urushi does not completely cover transparency and does not penatrate the transparency of the reverse side.
So you can sightly see the inside of barrel through Urushi lacquer ware.
Please access here.

**2 brand new models have launched** 2006/4/5
"Fighting Chickens"
Standard Maki-e "Fighting Chickens".
For a long time, we have Chicken fighting game in Japan .
This motif is typical motif for Fighting Chickens (Japanese name "Toukei").
Yakou method "Bat"
Based on Yakou special technique , only main motif bat keeps its color (black)
its background will be brighter from the edge of bats.
Base coating is popular "tame-nuri" method, so you can choose not only red
("akatame") ,but also
"Heki-tame (blue/green)".

** Nakaya goes to 2006 Chicago Pen Show? **? 2006/4/4
Nakaya will go to the 2006 Chicago Pen Show .
So we can customize the nib and bring your favorite barrel if you require
by the end of April.
When you will come to Chicago Show, we Nakaya staffs tune the nib for the
best condition in front of you.
This is the best opportunity for us to customize your Nakaya pen.

** Nakaya? launched "elastic" nib.? **? 2006/4/4
By cutting 2 parts of nib, Nakaya nib has more flexibility and elasticity.

Based on Music , Ex-broad , broad ;?????????? → to elastic Music , elastic Ex-broad , elastic broad
Based on flexible-medium and flexible-fine → to elastic flexible-medium , elastic flexible-fine
Based on Ex-fine and super Ex-fine?????????? → to elastic Ex-fine , elastic super Ex-fine

Based on flexible nib? which Nakaya already introduces, the nib will be
much more flexible by this additional elastic function. Please try !
(An additional price is $80)
The shape of "elastic"nib is here.

** We updated the event corner from April to June. ** 2006/4/3
Please access here.

** Desk pen stand has launched. ** 2006/3/31
We designed the cap looks like lily to express Letro atmosphere.
You can put your Nakaya pen to this cap.
But not only Nakaya pens, but also several other company's barrels are also
Please access here.

** Additional details and pictures in the following two models
have been added?? ** 2006/02/12?
Whale and Wave?

**?Renewal of Special Order corner ?** 2006/1/12
We are very pleased to announce that we have renewed our Special Order corner where you? can find many products which we have produced for?our customers as a special order.??
The introduction of the products have been made by taking approval from the customers.
The products have been categorized?by finishing technique group.
We also are very pleased to announce the?Dragon and White tiger, Chinkin Three cats ,
Whale and Wave?, Ayakashi(apparition)?, Squirrel and acorn?, Shu kan-shitsu ,?Owl
At the same time,?temporarily developed special page?is?closed.


**?Ryukyu(Okinawa) Bingata the 2nd version??** 2005/11/17
Nakaya is pleased to?introduce second model of Ryukyu Bingata?developed??in co-operation
with the?customer.
For?details, please?click here.

**?New models?produced in co-operation with the customers??** 2005/10/26
Nakaya is pleased to?introduced the?new models produced in co-operation with the?customer.
The products, however are supposed to be?in the special corner?with explanation,
we?introduced here?just with the pictures to show it to you?as soon as possible.
Among the models, "kuzirai1", "kuzirai2", "youkai1", "youkai2,?purple?& blue?toned "risu1_hosei" and "risu2_hosei" are specially recommended.?

** New "PICCOLO" model?? ** 2005/10/10
As known by all, PICCOLO is the smallest woodwind instrument.
This time NAKAYA released a smallest and cheapest fountain pen made of ebonite and
named it?PICCOLO.
For details please?click?here.??

** As per the request from a customer, we?developed
a?lacqering fountain pen based on the?motif of
two famous hindu gods??? ** 2005/09/20?

** New "AKEBONO" model in blue(purple) version??? ** 2005/08/27
For details, please?click here.

** New "Seasonal flower" model ?? ** 2005/08/27
For details, please?click here.

** New "Leopard" model ?? ** 2005/08/27
For details, please?click here.

** New?model ?? ** 2005/08/27
For details, please?click here.

** New "Dragon with cloud" model ?? ** 2005/08/27
For details, please?click here.

** A collection of Nakaya pen sketch and motifs **??2005/08/27
For details, please?click here.

** Ishi-me Kan-shitsu technique?? ** 2005/08/20
For details, please?click here.

** New?Fountain pen stand? ** 2005/08/20
For details, please?click here.

** Payment in?convertable EURO ** 2005.7.16
Now, you can?settle your?payment in convertable EURO by a credit card.

** Calligraphy page is newly added ** 2005.7.15
Calligraphy art is loved by the people around the?world.
We, ?NAKAYA tried to express the caligraphy art?with the fountain pen.
For?more details, please?Click?here.

** New?Cat model? ** 2005/05/19
For details, please?click here.

** New?DRAGONFLY model? ** 2005/05/19
For details, please?click here.

** New Kingfisher?model? ** 2005/05/19
For details, please?click here.

** New Puppy model? ** 2005/05/19
For details, please?click here.

** Nakaya on the overseas paper?? ** 2005/05/10
Nakaya(NAKAYA FOUNTAIN PEN) is taken up by the British paper FINANCIAL TIMES
dated 7th May, 2005 in the article on the fountain pen.
For the article, please?Click?here.??

** New "Rashomon" model. ? ** 2005/05/03
For details, please have a look at.??Makie-e corner??

** New "Shi-shi no ko otoshi (A mother lion pushes
her children to the bottom of a ravine)" model. ? ** 2005/05/03
For details, please have a look at.??Makie-e corner??

** Ten-Ryu(The dragon in the heaven)?model. ? ** 2005/05/03
With?a request from the customer,?Dragon ?have been finely expressed on the pen.

** New "The Phoenix" model. ? ** 2005/05/03
For details, please have a look at.??Makie-e corner??

** Shu(un-polished) model. ? ** 2005/04/20
Un-polished SHU with?fumigation clip have been launched?at the
?"7th. Mitsukoshi World Fountain Pen Festival". ?Details??

** New "A Tiger and bamboo" model. ? ** 2005/04/20
For details, please have a look at?Makie-e corner??
** New AKEBONO model. ** 2005/03/10
NEW COLOR?,?developed as per customer's?request.

** New "Enko-sokuen-zu" (A monkey try to get the moon) model. ** 2005/03/10
With a request from a customer, the fine portion of Tohaku Hasegawa's drawing is expressed
through lacquer work.
Please have a look atMaki-e corner

** We now accept PayPal from verified PayPal members. ** 2005/02/17
Please proceed from the ORDER botton. Several currencies are available.

** Kanshitsu Maki-e -Ishime (stone finish) ** 2005/02/17
I am sorry, but Nakaya cannot disclose every process because this technique is succeeded by quite few craftsmen.Please have a look at Trial Products.

** Ryukyu Bingata dyeing method ** 2005/02/16
Customer's request enhanced us to collaborate with the Ryukyu Bingata dyeing method.

** New Makie -Gold fishes (Telescopes) ** 2005/02/09
Gold fishes (Telescopes) by "Aka-tame-aka-sukashi" - Nuri-hanshi - technique has completed for one customer's special requiremant.

** New Makie -The 'Shoki' and the Demon- , - Botan (Peony flowers) - ** 2005/02/09
"The Shoki chaces the Demon" has completed for one customer's special requiremant.
Botan (Peony flowers) has completed for one customer's special requiremant.

** New?Large Dragonfly model ** 2005/02/07
New Large Dragonfly model have been added.

** New Makie "Ascending dragon" (Nine deers)** 2005/01/31
Now release a "Ascending dragon" .

** Eternity ** 2005/01/25
We launch a new fountain pen that a diamond shone, Eternity.


** Bottle ink, Leather case ** 2004/09/06
Now release aBottle ink & Lathear case.

** Your improtant ring of a diamond reforms to a fountain pen. ** 2004/09/05
You can put the diamond of rings, such as an engagement souvenir, and a necklace etc. into a fountain pen.

** New Makie "Ku-roku" (Nine deers)** 2004/08/31
Now release a "Ku-roku" (Nine deers).

** Aka Tamenuri Aka ! -** 2004/07/25
Now release a"Aka Tamenuri Aka".

** Heki Tamenuri Heki & New Briar Pen! -** 2004/07/27
Now release a"Heki Tamenuri Heki" ,and "New Briar Pen".

** Washington Pen Show **
Nakaya(Mr.Nakata, Mr.Watanabe, Mr.Matsubara, Mr.Yoshida) will go to Washington from August 12th to 16th to attend the pen show with the Wajima Maki-e staffs.
We are looking forward to meeting customers.
They will bring beautiful Maki-e artwork ,so please have fun to feel at the Pen Show.
We introduce some of their artwork before leaving Japan,
so you can have a look at some of them and feel free to ask Nakaya.

** Chicago pen show **
Nakaya will go to Chicago from April 27th to May 2nd to attend the pen show.
If you submit by April 20th, Nakaya can bring the part of yours. Nakaya can bring only 2 pieces of every kinds of Nakaya products,so please require your favorite pen. Nakaya will adjust your nib in front of the customers at Chicago when stock will run out. (Remarks; Please submit include delivery cost, delivering by ourselves is not aim at reducing a freight or some additional charge. ) Nakaya just images that it will be a very good opportunity to adjust in front of customers.

** Thanks **
A good article was introduced on the Ramblingsnail Fountain Pen website.

** Maki-e only for you ! -** 2004/02/07

Now Nakaya starts to make a customized Maki-e fountain pen at many customers' requests. Wouldn't you like to have your only and original Maki-e fountain pen with a customized nib?

** 18K WG Clip ** 2004/01/27
We launch a new color clip! 18K white gold clip is now availble as an option($250).
This silver-colored type is coming at the request of many customers!

** - Gold & Silver Maki-e Models -** 2004/01/20
Rare metal Maki-e
We Nakaya has been fascinated with gold and silver Maki-e coating when we had started Maki-e series. Almost one year has passed since our Maki-e series was launched, during this period so many peoples kindly admired our Maki-e ,particularly its base coating of gold and silver.?@All of Nakaya staffs quite agree with these opinion, so Nakaya is also pleased with having these models!

** New Products! - Japanese HANKO(Seal) -** 2004/01/07
Japanese HANKO(Seal) !!
We have started to receive an order of a seal (Japanese call "Hanko").
when the customers required the Maki-e Kanji naming.
We introduce several kinds of seals with typical materials.


** How to get to the Nakaya? ** 2003/11/12
How to get to the Nakaya?

** Now release a "Music" nib ! ** 2003/10/07
NAKAYA has now produced a music nib .

** a "purple(shobu)" color model ! ** 2003/09/29
Nakaya finally released a"purple (shobu) color as a standard product line from a trial corner.

** Thanks **
Thanks to so many warm fountain pen lover's cooperation, Nakaya pen has been accepted, and introduced many fountain pen website all over the world.
Thank you for all of them!
We introduce some of them as follows;
The top page of "Pentrace"
Articles of Pentrace by Mr.Fred Whitlock
Mr. Len Provisor Interview with Mr. Adam Frank and Mr.Fran DeRespinis
An article of "Penlover's com"

** 4 models of Nakaya original celluloid are available ! ** 2003/07/25
4 patterns of Nakaya original celluloid will release again at the end of August!

** Maki-e is now available ! ** 2003/05/06
We release the NAKAYA's original maki-e series.

** Now release a flexible meduim nib ! ** 2003/03/10
NAKAYA has now produced a flexible medium nib exclusively for our overseas customers.

** NAKAYA will release Maki-e fountain pen by Wajima in this spring. ** 2003/1/12
As we all know, Wajima is the highest grade of Urushi and Maki-e and every Maki-e lovers admire.
Wajima urushi racquer ware is painted at least three time, and very delicate Maki-e is done on this surface.
We introduce these special process before NAKAYA maki-e release.


** Brand new lines !! - NAKAYA BIJOUX - ** 2002/11/20
Nakaya pens is pleased to announce our latest product. We invited a well known jewelry designer and craftsman Mr. Hara to create a brand new product line. The result is the NAKAYA BIJOUX.

** New models !! - Worldtime model & Diamond model - ** 2002/09/29
These are special model. Please see this design by all means.

** 2 tone color nib ** 2002/09/29
We have produced a new two-tone nib (rhodium plating on 14k gold) with traditional heart-shaped vent hole.

** Nakaya is now producing three Wajima Lacquerware (urushi) pens and a new demonstrator (skeleton) pen! ** 2002/05/29
We received such a good response to our clear demonstrator pen on the "TRIAL PRODUCT" page,
we have decided to add red demonstrator as well.
We have also begun producing Wajima Lacquerware pens.
All of the Lacquerware models are handcrafted by a genuine Wajima artist.

** The limited models and the new product which used a wine barrel ! ** 2002/05/06
Various limited models were announced with Nakaya in this spring. The skill of the craftsman who masters the apex of each field is concentrated, and they are all the precious things which were created and which was given to it.The new product of this summer is the fountain pen which used the oak material being used for the wine barrel for the shaft.

** The "STUB" nib & the "Fine Soft"nib is now available ! ** 2002/05/05
Nakaya makes some The "STUB" nibs by your chart.
Ordinarily fine stub nib is made from fine NAKAYA nib, medium one is made from medium,
and bold one is also from bold.
As for the details about the penpoint, see this.
The "STUB" nib & A "Fine Soft"nib

** Trial Product **
We have opened a "Trial products" page.

** Events **
Two Aizu Maki-e artists will perform their skills at the New York Hilton Hotel in N.Y. on September 29th and 30th 2001.
The same demonstration will be held at Bertram's Inkwell in Chevy Chace, Maryland on October 2nd, and at Total Office Products in Atlanta, GA on October 5th.
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